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Business Tech Solutions that save you time + $$$


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I offer services to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage technology to grow. If it involves technology, I can probably help. Task Automation, Websites, CRM, Marketing Tech, email... you name it, I can help. Think of the countless hours you could get back.

What if you could get back 320 hours/yr?

I take the time to dive into your business, developing a holistic insight into your specific needs. Then implement solutions that help you and your team execute where your time is most valuable.

It starts with you

Hi, I'm Blake 👋🏻

and my goal is straightforward: to help you harness the right technology to elevate your business and streamline whats most important to you. You will work directly with me, and I will leverage my resources around the Globe to deliver every time.

After all, when my clients thrive, so do I.

Goal, Crush, Repeat

Blake Anderson founder and owner of Biz Boost by the blake company st louis missouri

Leveraging Automation & AI in your business may seem scary, but you can save so much time, effort, and money by leveraging this tech to handle redundant processes - and ultimately, impact your bottom line.

AI is coming, I can get you ahead of the curve & beyond.

Automation & AI

Need help with your CRM, email system, Quickbooks, inventory, operations or any other kind of business technology? Or just need to know what tools you should be using? 

Consider it done!

Biz Technology

Whether you need to create a new website for your business from scratch, or a revamp of an existing site... Ill make the process as seamless as possible. It's like white glove service but for your Website.


Sometimes, you just need help in general with technology. May it be your computer, your email, passwords, your sonos, or whatever else

Let me take that burden off your shoulders, its better that way. 

General Tech Help

Marketing Technology has come a long way, but it can also be a lot... Email marketing, digital marketing, social media, SMS, and the rest. 

I will guide you in the direction of Marketing Success!

Marketing Technology

Solutions Made for //You//



City Grid representing a vast sea of options. biz boost by blake helps business owners sort through the noise
Real Estate
Law Firms
& Others

Luxury Real Estate

We have worked with the leading real estate brand in the world (Sotheby's International) to develop technology and marketing solutions for Brokerages and Agents.

Financial Industry

Creating websites and digital identities for investment funds to scale and grow their portfolios.

Retail / Ecommerce

As a brand selling products to consumers, your image is key. We create bespoke websites and digital experiences to take selling your products to the next level. 

Legal Industry

From websites to automating client intake procedures, you save time which means more billable hours. 

People walking in a hall that are slightly blurred representing ai and automation

*Any Sm-Med Biz

If you are starting a new business, or revamping an existing one and not sure how to deal with your tech & data, we  can help.

Some of my favorite tools

It’s all about results

A few words from my clients. 

"Blake was key in modernizing our law firm's website. His quick learning, combined with a white glove approach, transformed our online presence, aligning it perfectly with our firm’s needs. Dependable and tech-savvy, Blake truly moved our practice into the future."

Kelsy V.

"Blake is talented as both a creative and tech expert. This is a rare blend. As a client, this means that you can one stop shop a project, instead of going to multiple places. He's professional and a pleasure to work with. I can offer a recommendation without qualification."

Bill Donius

Former Banker & NYT Author

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